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2022-23 Soccer Rules
(click here for downloadable pdf)


Ball Sizes       Size 3 – Under 5 / Under 6 / Under 8

                        Size 4 – Under 10 / Under 13



Players           Under 5 – 4 v 4  - with NO Goalie 

                        Under 6 – 5 v 5 – with Goalie

                        Under 8 – 6 v 6 – with Goalie

                        Under 10 – 6 v 6 – with Goalie

                        Under 13 – 6 v 6 – with Goalie


Game              Under 5 – two (16) minute Halves

                        Under 6 – two (16) minute Halves

                        Under 8 – two (18) minute Halves

                        Under 10 – two (20) minute Halves

                        Under 13 – two (20) minute Halves

                        **HALFTIME: maximum of (4) minutes


The Start of Play

  • Begin with a Coaches Meeting and prayer at center field with all players

  • The start of the play will be determined by Rock/Paper/Scissors

  • The team that wins gets the first kickoff

  • The kickoff will then alternate at the start of the 2nd Half

  • Teams are encouraged but are not required to switch goals after halftime


Ball In and Out of Play

  • Throw-ins are used to restart play when the ball wholly passes over the sidelines 

  • Corner kicks/Goal kicks for when the ball wholly passes over the goal line (not a goal)


The Score

  • No league standings will be kept

  • League emphasizes fun, fellowship, and instruction Fouls and Misconduct

  • All free kicks will be indirect with opponents at least 5 yards away 

  • The referee should briefly explain all infractions

  • No Offside rule for Under 5 / Under 6 / Under 8

  • Offsides rule is enforced for Under 10 & Under 13 Divisions

  • Goal Kicks are taken by a player from the top of the box

  • In order to prevent injuries, NO SLIDE TACKLES, HEADERS, OR PUNTS

Definition of Kicks:

  • INDIRECT KICKS must touch another player first before they count as a goal 

  • Shots directly into the goal do not count

  • A free kick is awarded to the defending team 

  • The kicker can’t touch the ball until it is touched or played on by another player 

  • If the ball rebounds off the goal, the Kicker must wait until another player touches it

  • A player fouled (inside the penalty area) will be awarded a Penalty Kick (PK) which is a direct kick on goal against the Goalie and all other players will start behind the kicker and PK spot



  • The suggested number on each roster is 10, max per team is 12

  • Every player must play at least 50% of the game if they are physically able

  • There is “NO GAME DAY PENALTY” to enforce, please report to the league

  • Minimum players to begin the game: 4 (U5), 5 (U6), and 6 (U8-13) 

  • ESCRA strongly suggests playing the game even with borrowed players



  • Unlimited Substitutions, at midfield

  • Before goal kicks by either team OR between quarters

  • After a goal is scored by either team and during an injury time-out

  • Before a throw-in, if substitute(s) are at Center Line prior to throw-in

  • If a player is not injured but needs to come out of the game because of fatigue, cramps, or is not feeling well, the coach may substitute at any time during the game at mid-field

  • The player coming out of the game must be off of the field before the substitute player may enter the playing field


Head Coach

  • Identified as the speaking representative at the pre-game Coaches Meeting

  • Responsible for behavior issues related to coaches, players, and fans

  • Fans who argue or yell at Officials will be asked to leave the playing area

  • Under 5 / Under 6: ONE (1) Coach allowed on the field and not interfere

  • Coaches are responsible for seeing that the bench area is cleaned after each game


Field Dimensions: Under 5 / Under 6 / Under 8

  • Width 30 yards (max)    Length:  50 yards (max)

  • Halfway Line                  Max 25 yards                  

  • Center Circle:                Radius: 6 yards

  • Corner arcs:                  Radius: 1 yard

  • Goal Box                       Depth: 6 yards            Width: 12 Yards

  • Goals                            Height:  6 feet             Width:  8-12 feet


Field Dimensions: Under 10 / Under 13

  • Width: 40 yards (max)   Length: 70 yards (max)

  • Halfway Line.                 Max 35 yards

  • Center Circle:                Radius: 10 yards

  • Corner arcs:                  Radius: 1 yard

  • Goal Box:                      Depth: 6 yards            Width: 10 Yards

  • Penalty Area                 Depth: 15 yards          Width: 24 Yards

  • Goals                            Height:  6 feet             Width: 12-18 feet



  • Tennis shoes or soft-cleated soccer shoes

  • Shin guards are MANDATORY for practices and games

  • Matching shirts/jerseys are required and must have the Church name on them


Game Officials

  • Under 5 / Under 6 / Under 8: One referee will be assigned by the League 

  • Under 10 / Under 13: Two referees will be assigned by the League 

  • Game focus: instruction, fun, fairness, and safety

  • If a referee(s) does not show up for a game, coaches should officiate together 

  • In this case, PLEASE inform the Site Director and YOUR organization’s Director

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide and promote recreation between churches in the Shelby County area in a Christ-honoring environment.



  • Provide athletic competition for all ages

  • Promote an environment that will assure a spirit of fair play and sportsmanship

  • Promote participation in team sports

  • Encourage fellowship that honors Jesus Christ


Age/Grade Exemptions

  • In special circumstances, an exemption may be granted for a player to play in an age group for which he/she is too old

  • All exemption requests must be made by Recreation Director.  Fill out the Exemption Form at  

  • Churches will be notified concerning the status of the exemption

  • All approved exemptions can be revoked if the exemption is deemed not appropriate


Team Rosters

  • Rosters must be kept by each Organization’s sports director/coordinator

  • Girls may play on a boys’ team but boys may not play on a girls’ team

  • Rosters (Excel form) must be emailed to


Playing on More Than One Team

Players are not allowed to play on more than one team within the same sports season.  Anyone playing for his/her school, playing on a competitive team, or playing in another league/association within the same sports season may not play in the ESCRA league.


 Revised: August 17, 2022

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